The Health Benefits of Bedstraw

A Herb For Thyroid, Lymphatic & Kidney Complaints

Bedstraw (Galium verum) is a very valuable plant to the average herbalist because it can be used for a wide range of problems. With its diuretic and alterative actions, it is most beneficial as a lymphatic tonic, especially in the case of adenoid disorders and tonsillitis, when taken daily.

Bedstraw tea is excellent as a blood purifier and diuretic

and is recommended for kidney disorders, thyroid gland complaints and for the lymphatic system. Our bodies rely on the lymphatic system to drain away toxins and bedstraw facilitates the expulsion of these toxins via the urinary system. It is also useful in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis, as well as in arthritis, where the body needs cleansing.

Botanist Richard Willford writes that “rinsing with and drinking bedstraw tea is an excellent remedy for cancer of the tongue”.

Many people find the disfiguring effect of a malfunctioning thyroid gland to be a terrible burden, so to those who suffer from such a condition, I say make bedstraw a regular part of your treatment.

Bedstraw also has many uses in herbal cosmetics – an infusion applied to the skin is said to clear the complexion and it can also be used as a hair rinse to eliminate dandruff.

Bedstraw is a reliable remedy for serious kidney disorders, particularly if the herb is mixed with golden rod and dead nettle.

Bedstraw recipe for kidney disorders

  • 50 g Bedstraw
  • 50 g Dead nettle
  • 50 g Golden rod

Place all the weighed herbs into a bowl, mix them well and then store in a sealed glass jar away from sunlight. To prepare each dose of a hot infusion, measure 1 heaped teaspoonful of the mixed herbs and pour 1 cup of boiling water over them. Cover the cup with a lid or saucer—this ensures that the volatile oils in many medicinal herbs do not escape into the air. Allow the mixture to steep for 3–5 minutes, strain and drink 3-4 cups every day.

If not using straight away, you can store an infusion in a covered jug or container in the fridge for up to 24 hours and gently warm the mixture before drinking.

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