Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water has exploded in popularity and seems to be available everywhere these days, but why has it become so popular? Well, it’s because there are many health benefits associated with drinking coconut water and it’s a great way to stay hydrated.


The nutrients alone in coconut water are enough to get you drinking a daily dose in no time. It contains the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Sodium and Calcium. That’s a substantial amount of your required nutrients in one bottle of coconut water.


Oxidants and free radicals can build up in your system and cause a number of problems. Coconut water is a great antioxidant and may help to flush the body of these free radicals. If you have a known illness or just want to fill your body with antioxidants, try including coconut water into your daily intake.


In those with diabetes, blood sugar levels rise to an unhealthy level and have adverse effects on the person’s health. Coconut water has been found to lower blood sugar levels and may assist with this aspect of diabetes.

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a problem for many Australians and drinking coconut water may be a great way to naturally reduce that. As it is high in Potassium, which can lead to the lowering of blood pressure, there are advantages for those suffering from high blood pressure to enjoy the benefits of a daily consumption of coconut water.

Heart Health

Heart disease has been linked to many adverse symptoms such as liver problems and is often associated with high cholesterol. Drinking coconut water may assist in lowering your blood cholesterol and reducing the presence of fatty liver build up.

Learn More

Looking to learn more about how you can get the benefits of nature? The Australian School of Herbal Medicine has a great natural health course online that can teach you about natural remedies, herbal medicine and alternative health.