How To Detoxify & Energise Your Body

An overload of toxins in your body will lead to chronic illness, premature ageing and death.

You and I are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals, they are everywhere — all the time. They are in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, in the food we eat and the soil in which we plant our very future.

The chemicalisation of food and soil, together with the increased use of pharmaceutical drugs has meant that our bodies are overloaded with toxins that are slowly killing us. These toxins cause arthritis, high cholesterol levels, diverticulitis, leukaemia, obesity, chronic fatigue, psychological disturbances, ADD, cancer, nervous conditions and many other diseases. You must reduce this accumulation of poisons and decrease the damage to help your body rejuvenate.

A combination of herbs and organic vegetable juices are the cleansers of the human system. They purify the blood, cast out accumulated toxins from the cells and help in the production of new cells to replace those which have either depreciated or been destroyed by disease and our bad dietary habits. Organic juices will quickly supply you with generous amounts of minerals, vitamins, trace elements and enzymes without the toxic effects of drugs and huge doses of artificial vitamin supplementation.

You will start to feel fantastic again!

With herbs and organic juices you can

  • revitalize your blood
  • sharpen your nerves
  • cleanse your liver
  • lose unwanted weight
  • rejuvenate glandular activity
  • restore the acid-alkaline balance of the system.
  • eliminate or prevent many chronic and degenerative diseases

What better way to look younger, stay fitter physically and mentally and, in turn, live longer?

Do you need to detoxify and cleanse your body?

Answer these questions:

  • Do you have headaches or other aches and pains?
  • Do you often eat fast foods, fried foods or refined foods?
  • Do you regularly consume caffeine or sugar, or need these substances to get through your day?
  • Are you overweight or do you tend to overeat?
  • Do you have high blood pressure or elevated blood cholesterol?
  • Do you have allergies to foods or the environment, skin rashes or asthma?
  • Do you suffer from congested sinuses or increased mucus in your nose or throat?
  • Do you experience constipation or digestive problems?
  • Are you a regular drug user or abuser of over-the-counter, prescription drugs?
  • Do you smoke cigarettes?
  • Do you use or abuse alcohol?
  • Do you often feel tired or experience fatigue?

If you answer YES to four or more questions, you should seriously consider a detoxification program.

So, which are the best herbs and juices for detoxification?

Scientific research in Europe has shown that special organic vegetable juices and herbs trigger a truly wondrous cleansing process that reaches down to each and every cell and tissue in your body. Just 24 hours after you start a six or ten day detox program, hardworking enzymes travel through the blood stream cleaning up dead and damaged cells, dangerous microbes and pollutants.

After just six or ten days your intestines will have had a complete rest and you will feel newly energized, cleansed and rejuvenated!  You can also help eliminate or prevent many chronic and degenerative diseases.  What better way to look younger, stay fitter physically and mentally and, as a special bonus, you will lose unwanted weight.

For a six-day detox program, you will need:

For a ten-day detox program, you will need:

Sip one bottle throughout the day. The juice replaces all solid food while fasting. Complete with natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals, they deliver vital nutrients to every cell in your body.

You will also need the following:

  • One packet Kidney Bladder Mix teabags — drink 3-4 cups every day
  • One jar Organic Vegetable Broth — makes a wonderful, nourishing light soup — you may drink up to three cups daily
  • Livadetoxer capsules — take one twice daily
  • Water — drink at least 2 litres of purified spring water every day as it is essential for cleansing and to prevent dehydration.

On the day before you start

Eat only an apple for breakfast then a salad and raw or lightly steamed vegetables for lunch and dinner, before commencing the juice fast.

Physical Effects

  • A coated tongue and unpleasant taste in the mouth can be remedied by brushing the tongue and frequently rinsing the mouth with lemon juice.
  • Mild headaches or nausea — these symptoms are quite common during the first few days of the juice fast. They are due to the withdrawal of carbohydrate-type foods and are not serious or permanent.
  • Body odour — this is a good sign as it is the result of toxic elimination. At least one shower daily is recommended.

Should you have to break your juice fast for any reason, don’t worry — even one day of juice fasting will be good for you. Once you see the benefits, it will be easy to keep one day a week reserved for this purpose.

Coming off the Program

As a rule of thumb, the same length of time should be given to the withdrawal phase as was spent on your Detoxification Program.

Your first meals after finishing the Program should be in small amounts and at frequent intervals. Gorging, or eating highly refined or spiced foods can have adverse consequences.

Make yourself a light meal of raw, organic vegetables, especially carrots, cabbage and lettuce, followed a few hours later with some fresh mild fruit, like grated apple or pear. You may prefer a couple of very lightly-steamed organic vegetables such as squash, tomato, string beans or zucchini. You may also have a few thin slices of well-toasted wholegrain bread with a little nut butter.

  • Remember — don’t gorge yourself!

The second day is much like the first, making sure that you eat all vegetarian foods.

Then, on the third day, if you are really craving some carnal pleasure, eat a small portion of chicken or fish, for protein. The remaining days of your withdrawal period should be spent eating light, frequent meals of raw organic fruit and vegetables. Drink plenty of water — at least two litres a day — and continue drinking the Spring-Klenz tea, if you so wish.

Try to eat natural whole foods with the least amount of processing. Eat at least three different coloured ‘in-season’ vegetables and a piece of fruit every day. Lower your intake of animal fats like milk, butter and cheese; eat wholegrain or rye bread instead of white bread; include garlic, nuts, ginger and sauerkraut in your diet.

Remember: Chew every mouthful of food well, making sure that your saliva is mixed with the food. Saliva contains water, mucin, organic salts, the digestive enzyme ptyalin and starts the whole digestive process by initiating the digestion of starch.

So, as your mother always told you, chew, chew, chew!


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