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The German healer Sebastian Kneipp (1821–1897) once said: “Many people died while the herbs that could have cured them, grow on their graves” and I wholeheartedly agree with him. The finest books in the world have remained unread for centuries, which makes me wonder how effective some of the hidden herbal cures are, if used in place of modern medicine?

Being able to read books in their original language has been an enormous advantage for me and I firmly believe there is an herbal cure for every human ailment! I may not find them all in my lifetime, but I will never stop looking because I get so much satisfaction out of helping others.

In 1989, I first came across the herb Epilobium parviflorum for all kinds of prostate disorders. It was last mentioned in an old German pharmacopeia about 140 years ago, but now it seems that modern medicine has taken over!

Epilobium parviflorum

Enlargement of the prostate gland is one of the most common disorders occurring in men over 50 years old. The prostate can make its existence known in many painful, irritating and sometimes embarrassing ways. Unfortunately, the cause of its enlargement is not fully understood. 

As the gland increases in size, it presses on the neck of the bladder, causing urination to become increasingly difficult, and the bladder to never feel completely empty. Other symptoms are low back pain, blood or seminal fluid in the urine, constipation and impotence. Once enlargement has started, surgical removal of all or part of the prostate is advised by the doctor. 

If the condition is neglected, acute urine retention can occur and the bladder may be unable to be emptied, risking the development of prostatitis. In extreme cases, some urine may be forced back into the kidneys, increasing the likelihood of kidney infection. Left untreated, continued enlargement of the prostate eventually obstructs the bladder completely and emergency measures become necessary. Cancer of the prostate is particularly prevalent in older men, so why not take epilobium sooner, rather than later?!

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