Four Benefits Of Taking Kefir Daily

Kefir is an unfermented drink with billions of live culture bacteria, making it a powerful probiotic. You can find versions of kefir in your health food store, online or even in your local supermarket. It comes in the original, unflavoured version or, if you can’t stomach the taste, you can find it in a flavoured version such as coconut or blueberry.

Here are some of the ways kefir can improve your health naturally:

1. Supports Your Immune System

Kefir is full of incredible compounds and nutrients that greatly improve your immune system, protect your cells and even help to stop the growth of harmful bacteria in your body, strengthening your immune system even further.

2. Helps With Digestion

Your gut needs a balance of bacteria and kefir helps to inject a large amount of those essential good bacteria. This helps to restore healthy and regular digestive function and can even help to fight against gastrointestinal illnesses. Kefir also helps to restore your body’s gut function after taking antibiotics.

3. Improves Allergies

Kefir can help to reduce inflammation associated with respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, and inflammation caused by allergic reactions. The live bacteria not only help to boost the immune system, thereby improving the body’s ability to fight allergies, it has also been shown to reduce the symptoms and reactions of allergies.

4. Helps Skin Infections

Skin problems and infections such as psoriasis, eczema and acne have been linked to upsets in the balance of bacteria in the gut. Since kefir helps to naturally regulate this bacteria, it in turn, helps to fight against these uncomfortable and often painful skin conditions.

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