Five Healing Benefits Of Succulent Plants In Your Home

Succulent pants are characterised by their bigger leaves, wide stems or larger roots which allow them to hold water and moisture in a way other plants cannot. For this reason, they are ideal for indoor use as they are low maintenance, but did you know there are health benefits to these plants as well?

Breathing Aids

During photosynthesis, plants take in the carbon dioxide that we expel and turn this into fresh and healthy oxygen for us to breathe. Most plants that we have in our home do not do this during the night, so we’re missing out on all that great oxygen whilst we sleep. Succulent plants, however, continue to produce oxygen throughout the night, giving you fresher air to breathe all day and all night. 

Clean Air

Not only do succulent plants provide oxygen, they can actually remove the toxins from the air that can be harmful to people. Plants such as Mother-in-law’s Tongue and Snake Plants are fantastic for purifying the air that you breathe and improving the overall air quality.

Prevent Illnesses

Succulent plants can assist with changing the moisture build-up in the air by increasing the room’s humidity. During colder months this can actually work to improve minor illnesses common in winter, such as sore throats, the common cold and even issues with dry skin.

Increase Mental Alertness

Studies have shown that having succulent plants around your workspace or study space can greatly affect the mental alertness of workers and students, and this increase in concentration can lead to higher levels of productivity. Why not add some indoor plants wherever you work or study to improve your brain power?

Assist Recovery

Not only will succulent plants increase the rate your body fights flu and cold-like symptoms, it has also been found to minimise pain, help recovery after surgery and even relieve anxiety. Succulent plants are great for hospital rooms, including private rooms and waiting rooms.

Learn About Natural Remedies

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