Herbal Water Therapies

Herbal Foot Bath

Herbal foot baths are a wonderful remedy for tired aching feet and legs, tinea, chilblains, poor circulation and many other problems that affect the feet and legs. 

To prepare a foot bath, steep approximately 50 g of dried herbs in a bucket with cold water for 12 hours. Heat the infusion and strain into a tub of warm water.

Thyme, camomile, lavender, sage and horsetail are wonderfully soothing for an herbal foot bath—bathe your feet for 20 minutes.

Hot & Cold Foot Baths (Alternating)

These are excellent water therapies for complaints such as swollen ankles, foot infections, chilblains, neuralgia, headache, catarrh, colds, cold feet, congestion of the abdomen, poor circulation, a burning sensation in the feet and more.

Use two containers large enough to cover both feet to the ankles. Fill one with hot water as hot as you can tolerate (approximately 41ºC–42ºC) and one with cold water. Put your feet into the hot water for three minutes, then place them immediately into the cold water for 10–15 seconds. Repeat this sequence for about 20 minutes. 

By alternating, this will produce a powerful reaction. Make sure the temperature of the water remains constant by adding fresh hot water whenever necessary. End the foot baths with cold water.

Sitz Bath

Herbal sitz baths (which are simply hip-deep baths) are widely used in herbal medicine to stimulate circulation in the abdominal area and play an important role in treating problems such as haemorrhoids, vaginal thrush and period pain.

People who regularly take herbal sitz baths find that it contributes greatly to their physical and emotional well-being.

To prepare a herbal sitz bath, steep approximately 100 g of dried herbs in 1–2 litres of cold water for 12 hours. Heat the infusion and strain into warm water in a tub that’s large enough to sit in, making sure the water covers your kidney area.

Use any or a combination of the following herbs: St John’s wort, camomile, sage, yarrow, thyme, horsetail, lavender, shepherd’s purse, raspberry and plantain.

Water Treading

This is a simple treatment and has many therapeutic applications. Use it every day of the year for the following conditions—varicose veins, weak ankles, insomnia, general weakness, poor circulation, aching feet, chilblains, exhaustion, nervousness and catarrhal conditions. It is very stimulating and energising, increases body tone and builds resistance.

Fill the bath tub with enough cold water to cover the ankles or calves. Enter the tub, hold onto a stationary handle and walk in place for up to five minutes.

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