Herbs for Acne – Spot the Difference

Acne is a common skin complaint, especially among teenagers, and may be caused by hormonal changes, food intolerance, poor hygiene, allergies etc. The kidneys and liver become inadequate in expelling the excess waste, so the skin which is our largest eliminative organ, is affected. Treating the skin only can push the poisons back into the system, while squeezing the pimple breaks the surrounding membrane, spreading the infection and resulting in more pimples, scars and “pits”.

Mild cases of acne consists of a few pimples and/or blackheads – outbreaks are usually brief and often respond well to lifestyle and/or dietary changes. In severe cases, the skin may be seriously damaged, resulting in permanent scarring, and can have a detrimental effect on people’s emotional wellbeing. Excellent results have been achieved using herbs, as curative processes take place from within, eliminating the cause and improving the symptoms. 

STlNGING NETTLE grows wild and is our best blood cleansing herb, making it beneficial in the treatment of acne – sip up to four cups of stinging nettle herb tea throughout the day. It can also be used fresh in salads or lightly steamed as a vegetable, and is considered an effective blood purifier/builder. 

DANDELION is a weed which contains many medicinal properties. All parts of it are used fresh or dried – the young leaves and stems can be brewed as a tea or eaten raw in salads, but its main influence is on the liver. It is an excellent blood purifier for conditions such as acne, itchy/scaly rashes and eczema – sip half a cup of dandelion tea 30 mins before breakfast and half a cup 30 mins after.

WALNUT has a curative effect on eczema and other skin conditions – a tea of walnut leaves cleanses the blood but external use is also recommended for acne and festering eczema. Soak a heaped teaspoon of dried walnut leaves in one cup of cold water for twelve hours, strain and heat the infusion gently, then add it to the water you wash your face with. 

HORSERADISH / VINEGAR MASKS are very effective for acne – cover freshly grated horseradish with wine or cider vinegar and stand for ten days before using. The mask should be applied for 10 minutes in the morning and evening.

Naturally, these are just a few herbs for treating acne – the list of blood cleansing herbs is endless, such as horsetail, plantain, red clover, speedwell and many more. 

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