The Breuss Cancer Cure – Not Just A Cure For Cancer


About Rudolf Breuss

I first heard of Rudolf Breuss on a trip to Germany. I was absolutely astonished at the claims made in his book. Patients with brain tumours, lung cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer told of their success in ridding themselves of these and many other seemingly incurable diseases, after taking prescribed combinations of juices and herbal teas for just 42 days. 

This was hard to believe!

My own mother had died of cancer at the age of 53, my sister had died of cancer at the age of 42, as had many other close friends and relatives, yet here was a man who was able to cure his patients with a diet of natural juices and herbal teas. The juice mixture could be prepared at home from organically grown beetroot, carrot, Chinese radish, celeriac and potato.

Little did Breuss know about the work of the famous German physician, Johannes Kuhl, MD, PhD, who explored the healing effect of lactic acid in the treatment of cancer. Leading European researchers claim that 80% of all degenerative diseases result from an imbalance in the intestinal flora or bacteria. Lactic acid restores the balance of “friendly bacteria” in the stomach that are destroyed through the use of antibiotics, food additives, alcohol, caffeine, chlorinated water and high sugar intake.

Nor was Breuss familiar with the pioneering work of Dr. Lothar Wendt, published as recently as 1989, which connects the protein overload of the cell membrane with all of our degenerative diseases, including cancer.

Breuss put his patients on a juice fast which not only removes the metabolic waste, but frees the cell’s membranes from the protein build-up which suffocates the cell thus preventing proper oxygenation. Knowingly or unknowingly, Breuss administered a program to which modern science now reluctantly gives credit.

And it wasn’t only cancer that was cured by Mr Breuss. His simple prescriptions were also implicated in the successful treatment of skin infections, constipation, kidney infections, Multiple Sclerosis, sore throat, infertility, obesity, dandruff and a whole host of other complaints.

After investigating the claims made by Breuss, I discovered that, at the age of 81, he was taken to court and accused of being a fraud and a quack by the anti-cancer industry, but his defence lawyers presented evidence in the form of many, many people who all claimed to have been cured by Breuss and his simple treatment.


Powerful Testimonials

There were powerful testimonials from those who said that they would have been dead had it not been for Breuss and his Total Cancer Treatment. In the face of this overwhelming evidence, Breuss was totally exonerated and his book has now sold millions of copies.

I had to get this book to Australia to let my friends know that there was an alternative to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The simplicity and rapid nature of the treatment is appealing — it makes sense.

The Breuss treatment is so effective because it deals with cancer and other chronic diseases by cleansing the whole system. The liquids used during the fast are rich in vitamins and minerals, keeping the body nourished; meanwhile, the metabolism is allowed to get back into balance; finally, a deep detoxification process eliminates whatever poisons, abnormalities and wastes are present in the body.

It is vitally important to the success of this treatment that it be followed exactly as directed by Breuss. In my experience, the first two weeks of the fast are the most important and, perhaps for some, the most difficult. During these early days of the fast, healing crises or flare-ups are common. This can be a very strong response which shows that your body’s own immune system is working. You may feel quite sick, even discouraged, but take heart and be encouraged, as this response is a positive sign that your body is marshalling its own healing forces to combat your illness.

It is important that these flare-ups are not suppressed as they are critical to healing. I have also found that a positive outcome of the Breuss’ treatment is closely tied to a person’s attitude. People who go through with the six week fast have a strong will and are convinced and determined that they will heal themselves with natural methods.

Although people can carry out the Breuss Total Cancer Treatment themselves, they should advise their doctor. The best way to ensure proper fasting is to start out under knowledgeable medical direction as it is important for the patient to know what is happening inside the body and to learn about proper nutrition to remain fit and healthy after the treatment is over.

Rudolf Breuss was a most extraordinary man.

 He devoted his long life to helping the sick through his treatments and his legacy lives on today in the form of this book. It was always Mr Breuss’ wish that his healing work would carry on after his death. I have therefore published this book in order to fulfil this man’s wishes and continue to help heal the thousands of people who are in need of his simple, natural treatments.

Even if you are not sick, a six-day special diet will revive your body and mind and will help you lose that unwanted weight as a bonus! I hope you enjoy reading this book and that it will inspire you as much as it has inspired me.

I would love to hear from those who have successfully completed any of the Breuss’ treatments featured in this book.

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