Raspberry – Rosy Fruit & Leafy Goodness

Belonging to the rose family, raspberries are native to many parts of Europe, growing wild in woodland and hilly thickets. With a pleasant smell and taste, the fruit of the wild plant differs from today’s cultivated varieties, mainly in its size.

Recognised as a delicious food, it is also an excellent source of iron and vitamins C, P and K, making it of great nutritional value, especially for blood and circulatory disorders. The juice of the ripe fruit boiled into a syrup is beneficial for the stomach and to prevent sickness.

Many common varieties of raspberry in both household and commercial gardens are derived from the original species. Their berries, ranging from black through purple and red, are eaten fresh and are often used in preserving. As well as the fruit, the leaves may be collected throughout the growing season and dried slowly, in a well-ventilated area. 

A cup of raspberry leaf tea has excellent astringent properties and can provide folic acid, copper salts and vitamins in good proportions. The tea has a long tradition of use during pregnancy to strengthen and tone the uterus, assisting contractions and checking any haemorrhage during labour. Its medicinal properties are known to strengthen the pelvic muscles and ligaments to help facilitate an easy delivery.

If taken regularly, it may prevent and help overcome prolapse of the uterus in older women or in those who have a tired uterus as a result of childbearing. The tea is extremely efficacious for tightening, toning and strengthening the ligaments supporting the uterus.

A decoction of raspberry leaves makes an excellent gargle for sore throats and is valuable in the soothing of mouth ulcers, bleeding gums and oral inflammations. An infusion is also effective in cases of diarrhoea, leucorrhoea and other loose conditions.

For Diarrhoea / Intestinal Bleeding

Directions: Infuse one teaspoon of the above mixed herbs with one cup of boiling water for 5 minutes and strain. Drink two to four cups a day.

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