Rudolf BreussRudolf Breuss was a most extraordinary man.

He devoted his long life to helping the sick through his treatments and his legacy lives on today in the form of his book titled The Breuss Cancer Cure.

I first heard of Rudolf Breuss on a trip to Germany and was absolutely astonished at the claims he made in his book.


Patients with

  • brain tumours,
  • lung cancer,
  • breast cancer,
  • cervical cancer

told of their success in ridding themselves of these and many other seemingly incurable diseases after taking prescribed combinations of vegetable juices and herbal teas for just 42 days.

This was hard to believe!

My own mother died of cancer at the age of 53, my sister died of cancer at the age of 42 and I have also lost many other close friends and relatives. Yet, here was a man who was able to cure his patients with a diet of vegetable juices and herbal teas.

The juice mixture could be prepared at home from organically grown beetroot, carrot, celeriac, Chinese radish and potato. Later on, Breuss also approved readily available bottles containing his special juice from Switzerland, to which lactic acid had been added in a special fermentation process exclusive to this company. This process eliminates the need for chemical preservatives or high temperature sterilisation which would destroy the vitamins and active agents in the fresh vegetable juice.

I had to get this book to Australia to let my friends know that there was an alternative to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The simplicity and rapid nature of the treatment is appealing and makes sense.

The Breuss treatment is so effective because it deals with cancer and other chronic diseases by cleansing the whole system.

The liquids used during the fast are rich in vitamins and minerals, keeping the body nourished; meanwhile, the metabolism is allowed to get back into balance; finally, a deep detoxification process eliminates whatever toxins, abnormalities and wastes are present in the body.

It was always Mr Breuss’ wish that his healing work would carry on after his death.

I have therefore published this man’s wishes and continue to help heal thousands of people who are in need of his simple, natural treatments.

I am sure you will enjoy reading The Breuss Cancer Cure and that it will inspire you as much as it has inspired me. Even if you are not sick, a Six, Ten or Twenty-one day special organic juice diet will revive your body and mind — you will also lose unwanted weight as a bonus!