Treat Varicose Veins, Haemorrhoids, Vaginal Thrush

Water Treading:

Water Treading

This is a simple treatment and has many therapeutic applications. Use it every day of the year for the following conditions: Varicose veins, weak ankles, insomnia, general weakness, poor circulation, aching feet, chilblains, exhaustion, nervousness and catarrhal conditions. It is very stimulating and energising, increases body tone and builds resistance.

Fill the bath tub with enough cold water to cover the ankles or calves. Enter the tub and hold on to a stationary handle and walk in place for up to five minutes.


Herbal Sitz Baths:

Herbal Sitz Baths

Herbal sitz baths (which are simply hip-deep baths) are widely used in herbal medicine to stimulate circulation in the abdominal area and play an important role in treating problems such as haemorrhoids, urinary tract complaints, fibroids, pelvic congestion, vaginal thrush and period pain. They are part and parcel of good health care.

Sitz baths increase the blood circulation and eliminate congestions, stagnations, irritations and any initial stages of inflammation of the ovaries.  If taken regularly, circulation is stimulated, which in turn will benefit the abdominal organs and health in general. They will have a great influence on your mental and emotional disposition and attitude.

How to prepare for a Sitz Bath:

Steep approximately 100g of dried herbs in 1-2 litres cold water for 12 hours* and proceed as for a full bath. Use a tub large enough to sit in – the water should cover the kidney region. Sit in it for 15-20 minutes in the evening before going to bed.

Use any or a combination of the following herbs: St John’s wort, camomile, sage, yarrow, thyme, horsetail, lavender, shepherd’s purse, raspberry, plantain, lady’s mantle, or oat straw.

*Or simply fill a piece of pantyhose or sock with the recommended amount of herbs. Tie knots to seal and place it into a bowl or bucket. Pour boiling water over the herbal sachet and leave it to infuse for 10-15 minutes. Add infusion including the sachet to bath water.


FomentationsUse a cloth soaked in a herbal infusion or decoction and apply externally to the skin. Fomentations can be very effective in relieving bruising, swelling, pain and inflammation, and for soothing headaches and fevers. They can also be used to help clear skin complaints such as acne. To use a fomentation, soak a clean cloth or towel in a herbal infusion or decoction, wring out the excess and apply as hot as possible to the affected area.


PoulticesA poultice uses softened fresh or dried herbs that are applied directly onto the skin. Poultices are often used to relieve muscular pain, to relieve pain associated with sporting injuries, and to draw pus from boils, ulcers and infected wounds.

To prepare a poultice, hang a sieve containing fresh or dried herbs over a saucepan of water and bring the water to the boil. Cover and steam for a few minutes. Spread the softened herbs on a cloth and place on the affected area.

Cover the poultice with a woolen cloth and leave on for approximately 2 hours.

Cover the Poultice

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