Constipation — Causes & Natural Remedies

Constipation is typically defined as three or fewer bowel movements in a week, straining to go to the toilet and bowel movements that are difficult to pass, hard and dry. There are many reasons one may experience constipation such as poor diet, lack of exercise, not drinking enough water, stress and some medications, just to name a few. So how can natural medicines help with relieving these uncomfortable symptoms?

Herbal Laxatives

Before taking laxatives, it’s always recommended to first check your diet, drink plenty of fluids and try doing some physical exercise to relieve your symptoms. If you’ve tried all of that to no avail, herbal laxatives can work wonders. Senna and buckthorn are found in many herbal laxatives and contain hydroxyanthracene derivatives which can help loosen stools.

Laxative Teas

Laxative teas are a milder, yet still very effective way to aid in relieving the symptoms of constipation. Teas containing senna, camomile and peppermint are calming, gentle and contain the laxative ingredients needed to assist in the treatment of constipation. Sage tea also helps with digestive issues including bloating and constipation.

Swedish Bitters

Swedish Bitters has so many uses, it’s a must for every family medicine cabinet! Amongst many other amazing uses, it can help with digestive issues such as indigestion, bloating, flatulence, constipation and poor appetite. You can even mix Swedish Bitters into your tea before meals for a mild, pleasant way to treat your constipation symptoms.

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