What Is “Mindfulness”?

We often live our lives without really taking in our surroundings, our thoughts and our feelings. With the busyness of life we are often living without true consciousness. Mindfulness is the state of being present in the moment — it’s about being conscious in the moment and you can do it every day.

This can be being aware of our surroundings, our thoughts, our feelings and even our body sensations. It is also a state of total non-judgement. Thoughts, feelings and sensations are made present, yet these are welcomed without judgement or ill feelings. You take note of the present without being emotionally impacted by it.


Mindfulness has been shown to help in aiding anxiety, stress and even depression. Though absolutely anyone can benefit from practicing mindfulness. It helps to increase your focus and your thinking, create emotional and social intelligence, make peace and sort out your thinking, and generate overall mental wellbeing. It aids you to live a happier and more emotionally balanced life, which is something everyone can benefit from.

How to Practice

You can formerly practice mindfulness, or meditation mindfulness, by sitting quietly or lying flat with your eyes closed and becoming very present with your feelings and the sensations around you. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to have formal practice to achieve mindfulness. You can practice mindfulness anywhere and at almost any time. It’s about getting into the habit of being mindful every day and the more you practice it, the better you’ll get at it and the more benefits you’ll feel from it.

Learn About Natural Therapies

With all the benefits of mindfulness, it’s a great way to improve your overall wellbeing, happiness and self-awareness. There are many natural ways to tackle every day stress and the online course at the Australian School of Herbal Medicine can help you do just that. Build your awareness and enhance your life with natural remedies and herbal medicines.