Arnica Cream Should Be In Every Medicine Cabinet

Arnica is one of the most versatile and useful herbs found in nature and is an essential addition to every medicine cabinet. From treating pain, inflammation, bruising, arthritis and more, arnica cream is extremely handy to have  — the only thing to remember is that arnica should not be used on broken skin. Here are just some of its uses:


Arnica cream can be used to help reduce bruising and greatly improve healing time by encouraging your body to send white blood cells to the affected area. Large bruises can not only be unsightly but painful as well, so rub arnica cream in to help clear up the area quickly.

Inflammation & Swelling

When our body experiences any type of physical trauma, it’s natural response is to swell up. Arnica is known as ‘natures anti-inflammatory’ and is excellent for minor injuries such as bumps, sprains or even fractures as it helps speed up the healing process by reducing swelling.

Mild Arthritic Pain

Even mild arthritis can be very painful and is a major reason why many Australians become hooked on strong painkillers such as codeine, but there are some alternatives to using painkillers and arnica cream is one of them. Arnica cream is an effective natural alternative that relieves the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis with absolutely no side effects.

Joint & Muscle Pain

Joint and muscle pain can occur from regular daily activities such as work, housework, and exercise. Many people keep arnica cream on hand to ease soreness and stiffness naturally, without relying on paracetamol and Ibuprofen tablets.

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