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About the Australian School of Herbal Medicine Online Course

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Founded in 1990, the Australian School of Herbal Medicine (ASOHM) was created by renowned author and herbalist, Hilde Hemmes, through her desire to share herbal knowledge and improve the lives of others by setting up an herbal medicine school.

Enjoying a healthy, vital and fulfilling life is undoubtedly the primary goal of every living human being. It is a goal driven by that most primal motivator of all, the need to survive and thrive, and yet the majority of us go through life confused about how to achieve this fundamental aspiration.

Contemporary society has led us to believe that modern medicine has all the answers to health and well-being, despite being a system embedded in a culture of radical intervention rather than preventative solutions. But there is an alternative herbal medicine, and for many, a better way — a life enhanced by the amazing health-giving properties of herbs.

Western herbal medicine is a man’s rightful medicine and offers an effective alternative to synthetic drugs. As the deadly consequences of a modern, artificial civilisation take its toll, healing with natural herbs is becoming the preferred option for people choosing a more natural and healthy way of life. The power of herbs cannot be denied as their therapeutic values have been proven and attested to, by the millions of people around the world who rely on herbs as their sole medicinal aid.

Health and herbs are natural companions — but is your knowledge of herbs, their history and their medicinal properties, sufficient? Within this Australian herbal medicine school our goal is to empower individuals, just like you, with the skills needed to be an informed herbalist, based on their determination and ‘thirst for knowledge’, not their academic abilities.

At our Australian herbal medicine school, we believe in providing online western herbal education in a supportive, non-competitive environment, under the guidance of our patron, Hilde Hemmes. Enrol now and become one of our valued herbal medicine students today!


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