Our Founder, Hilde Hemmes

Learn more about Hilde Hemmes and how she gained her extensive knowledge of herbal remedies.

Hilde Hemmes: Founder of the Australian School of Herbal Medicine

Learn About Hilde Hemmes’ Herbal Medicine Journey

Hilde Hemmes has always felt a strong connection to herbal medicine and the positive influence herbal remedies can have for a myriad of health issues. Growing up in Germany and moving to Australia, Hilde discovered that her knowledge and enthusiasm for natural medicine was not well known or commonly accepted. 

Unlike nowadays, many were frightened of trying alternative medicine even if it has been historically used for centuries.

Hilde found that many had forgotten the roots of natural remedies and the knowledge discovered from alternative western herbal medicine. Ancient cultures have practised herbology to ease pain for centuries, due to the powerful healing and preventative properties some herbs have.

Understanding there was a lack of expertise about herbs and some misinformation about its uses in Australia, Hilde set out to rectify this with a mission of empowering others with the knowledge of herbalism.

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Hilde’s Herbal Knowledge Experience and Teachings

In 1985, Hilde established her first Australian company which introduced herbs as an alternative medicine, through Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals. Her extensive knowledge of herbs was well received and Hilde found she was often educating people about the positive impacts of herbal remedies.

Hilde uncovered a passion for teaching and launched the Australian School of Herbal Medicine (ASOHM) in 1990. Since then Hilde has published multiple books highlighting the benefits of natural remedies in medical uses.

Discover why you should study herbal medicine with ASOHM’s 12 lesson course, detailing over 250 herbs that can be safe to use, when done so correctly, to help our systems stay healthy. You too can access Hilde’s wealth of herbal knowledge with ASOHM’s teachings, formulated by the one and only, Hilde Hemmes.

Natural Remedies & Herbal Insights

Uncover herbal remedies, recipes and the fascinating origins of the traditional uses of herbs through Hilde’s blog articles. If you’re interested in expanding your herbal remedy knowledge, enrol online to access our ASOHM lessons, personally managed by Hilde herself. Review frequently asked questions and our student testimonials to learn more about our natural medicine course.

Hilde is always delighted to connect with new and interested students, offering insights into the medicinal power of herbs. Feel free to email her or call us with any questions you may have and enjoy your journey into the world of herbalism with Hilde Hemmes as your guide.

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