Study herbal medicine and gain superior knowledge in all areas of alternative health training and herbal healing. We proudly offer 12 lessons in our herbal medicine course online that are designed to help you gain the skills required to be an informed herbalist.

At ASOHM we believe in providing online herbal education in a supportive, non-competitive environment that is set to your own pace. Enrol with us today!

Outline of Natural Medicine Course

Lessons direct from the Australian School of Herbal Medicine (ASOHM)

At the Australian School of Herbal Medicine, you can learn about the age-old benefits of natural alternate medicine and how it can help you with herbal healing for overall well-being. Also, in cases of ailments or any pains which you may have been suffering from for a very long time, natural medicine is an excellent way to heal these illnesses. The online course on natural medicine has been prepared and is conducted under the supervision of the natural herbs and alternative medicine expert Hilde Hemmes and her team.

Course outline of the 12 herbal medicine lessons: