Why Study Natural Medicine With ASOHM?

Study Our Herbal Medicine Course Online Anytime

The motivation behind people wanting to learn about western herbal medicine is as varied as the subject itself. Whether you wish to pursue a career in natural healing or are looking to expand your knowledge so you can help friends and family, this course is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or academic ability!

What can you learn through ASOHM’s Herbal Medicine course?

Herbs that can treat your health

Our course covers approximately 250 of the most familiar and relatively-safe herbs! In Europe, most physicians prescribe herbal medicines with pharmaceuticals. Conversely, in Australia, many doctors are sceptical and some can be downright hostile. 

As a result, most people consume drugs that can often have undesirable side effects. Fortunately, this idea is slowly changing. Herbal education allows people to take control of their health by making their own decisions and choosing a more natural and healthy way of life.  

Safe herbal applications

Before students can begin to learn which herbs to use for a particular health issue, they need to know how to use them accordingly. Contained in the preface of our online course is vital information on the many different types of herbal products and their applications. Some of these can be prepared in your own home, while others are best purchased commercially.

How can students apply the practical knowledge they learn through ASOHM?

Students will learn to analyse health problems, consider natural remedies, and dispense herbal advice with confidence. Western herbal medicine will soon become a valuable addition to their future health regime and friends and family.

At the Australian School of Herbal Medicine, we believe there is much more to healing than simply visiting the doctor and receiving another prescription. The knowledge gained through our course enables students to experience the joy that positive results bring when you can ease your health problems through the safe use of herbs.

Where can our course lead you?

Due to the severe side effects of modern medicine, many people are turning to the plant kingdom for natural remedies that work in harmony with our bodies, instead of suppressing their natural process and function.

After completing all 12 lessons, each student receives a Certificate of Fundamental Herbology to display. Many enjoy our course so much that they are keen to go to further study and some even decide to pursue a professional career within the healthcare industry. We are more than happy to direct you accordingly if you wish to continue your herbal journey!