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Gain western herbal medicine training with our online course and lessons, accessible from anywhere!

The Australian School of Herbal Medicine is a school of natural medicine whose purpose is to open your eyes to healthier options like alternative western herbal medicine via a short course online. No matter how little you know about herbs today, our online herbal medicine course will provide you with training and a catalogue of knowledge that will benefit you and your family — whether you are simply looking for that healthy edge in life, or have been searching for a solution to a debilitating health issue. Praised as one of the best online study options for western herbal medicine, our Fundamental Herbology course has been designed so that it can be enjoyed by virtually anybody, regardless of experience or academic ability.

You can set your own timetable and, depending on your work rate, you may finish all the assignments of the herbalist course in as little as three months or at any time within four years (at no additional charge). To make the assessment process as simple as possible for you, a complete set of questions with multiple-choice answers are included with every lesson in this herbal medicine course.

You will also learn what ancient cultures have known for centuries about herbology, and why science is now able to prove that many herbs really do have powerful healing and preventative properties, as claimed in traditional medicine.

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Online Herbalism Course

Enrol in one of Australia’s leading online herbal medicine courses.

Today, as the deadly consequences of a modern, artificial civilisation take its toll, western herbal medicine and herbology are becoming the preferred option for people choosing a more natural and healthy way of life and demand is growing for courses that uncover these secrets of the natural world. In just 12 easy lessons, you will acquire the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your health, vitality and well-being. The herbalist course has been designed to suit anyone, regardless of age or academic ability, and can be studied in Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Enrol now and become one of our valued students today!

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Gain herbal medicine training with our online course and lessons, accessible from anywhere!

“The course so far has been nothing but rewarding. Am looking forward to the few lessons I have left to complete these fundamentals. The wealth of information I am learning is a necessity where I come from because we have a poor medical system that cannot adequately help our people. I would like to pursue further advanced diploma training in herbalism together with nutrition.” Helen (PNG)
“Thank you for welcoming me to your herbal fraternity when you posted the certificate in Fundamental Herbology. The course has been most interesting and it is good to know it is just step one to ongoing training. I will recommend the training to my friends — thank you indeed.” Mary (VIC)
“ I’m enjoying it. My grandmother was a natural with herbs and I used to enjoy spending time with her – she made potions and skin creams etc and wrote several books on food, herbs, oils etc. She passed away about 9 years ago and I want to learn more about herbal medicine in a structured way. So, these lessons are ideal.” Tammy
“I just wanted to thank you for all the information you have given me. I find herbalism very interesting and would like to study full time to become an herbalist. I believe totally in this way of living and this course has helped me understand more about it.” Tanya (QLD)
“I really enjoyed doing the course on herbal medicine and looked forward to each lesson. I have found it to be an excellent introduction to the subject and the knowledge acquired could be applied with some confidence, towards advising friends and family of their health.” David
“I have enjoyed the course immensely — herbs have always been one of the wonders of nature to me. They are truly blessed plants and deserve love and respect and great delight that they are there.” Margaret (QLD)
“Dear Hilde, It is a pleasure to do this course. It is just what I’ve been looking for and needing for years. I am approaching this with the faith and trust that God’s remedies really work. My family and I are intending to create a useful herb garden for our own use.” Rita
“Hallo Hilde, Thank you for such a brilliant course, I thoroughly enjoyed it once I got into it. I realised it was not hard, I learned a lot about my health issues, I felt it was written just for me. Best regards to you all at Herbal Medicine School.” Jennifer
“Thank you for the most interesting course. I did an herbal course and a naturopathy course years ago but felt I needed a refresher on herbs. I grow some of my own and would like to make use of them instead of just seeing how beautiful they are. I have learnt a lot more now than I did in those other courses, so thrilled.” Judy (WA)

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ASOHM Founder Hilde Hemmes

The story of the ASOHM Course creator and Herbal Medicine author.

In 1985, I established Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals in Australia, when I decided to introduce herbs as an alternative medicine and found that I literally had to educate an entire market, before I could possibly hope to make a single sale — the general public seemed to know little about the benefit of herbs and what they did know, was largely based on ignorance and misinformation.

As I grew up in Germany with a background and knowledge in herbs, I realised that I had to be creative to get my message out there. Several newspapers were willing to publish my columns, the local radio station invited me to be part of their breakfast session and I also made the decision to write my first book titled Herbs and Health with Hilde Hemmes. Since then, I have published a condensed version of this book called The Traditional Uses of Herbs, another book titled Detox and Live, plus I have been involved in forums and several television appearances.

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