See what our past students say about our online herbal medicine training.

“The best decision I ever made! The course was very easy to follow. Being able to complete it at my discretion was integral as a single mother and mature aged student. There will come a time when modern medicine will fail and Herbal Medicine will prevail.”

Eugenia (VIC)

“Love everything this course and school stands for thank you so much for spreading the herbal message. At no time throughout this course was I confused or searching for a clearer more developed answer. It’s all there in the reading. Keep doing what you’re doing! God bless.”

Steve (New York, USA)

“I have really enjoyed furthering my interest in natural therapies and feel I have a sound basis of knowledge on the subject.”

Cheryl (SA)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course and it has awakened a passion for nature and medicine alike. The whole procedure form enrolling to downloading the course material and completing the assessments was quick and effortless which only added to the enjoyment of learning.”

Cassie (VIC)

“A brilliant and thorough course on the fundamentals of herbs and the effects on the body, completely loved it and would recommend the course to anyone with a keen interest in herbs. It is fascinating, well researched and a great resource to get started in this field and to go on to further more in depth and practical study

Zoe (QLD)

“Thank You So Much Hilde,

It was very informative and enjoyable, and the wonderful thing is doing this course has made me believe that I can possibly consider further study in this area.”

Kristin (TAS)

“Thank you, Hilde.

I am really enjoying learning about herbs and the human body. I work as an AIN in aged care and I can see so much benefit herbal treatments could do for residents. It’s just a pity I would not be allowed to use them at my place of work, but I can so much benefit using them at home. I am going to create a herb garden, I have a few herbs but I need to grow some Dandelion, but from what I can gather there are 2 other weeds that look similar to Dandelion so I might have to go to a botanist and buy some Dandelion and start that way. Thanks again!

Diana (QLD)

“Hi Hilde,

The course so far has been nothing but rewarding. Am looking forward to the few lessons I have left to complete these fundamentals.

The wealth of information I am learning is a necessity where I come from because we have a poor medical system that cannot adequately help our people. People are dying from preventable and curable diseases. So many sufferings from serious chronic diseases so there is a lot to be done here in Papua New Guinea in terms of education and application of herbs as prevention and treatment. Even to be diagnosed correctly by medical practitioners leaves a lot to be desired. I am speaking from personal experience.

We are so blessed with vast forests and yet we don’t have a clue with its plant inhabitants that have the vast potential to our health and well-being. For instance, we have wild yam growing in our yard and didn’t know its many healing properties. So, I have started advising a few friends and family visiting on its properties.

I would like to pursue further advanced diploma training in herbalism together with nutrition. There is opportunity for me to apply for an Australian scholarship to fund this. If you have some advice or any assistance on this please let me know.”

Helen (PNG)

“Thanks Hilde,

I’m enjoying it. My grandmother was a natural with herbs and I used to enjoy spending time with her – she made potions and skin creams etc and wrote several books on food, herbs, oils etc. She passed away about 9 years ago and I want to learn more about herbal medicine in a structured way. So, these lessons are ideal.”


“Hi Hilde,

I just wanted to thank you for all the information you have given me. I find herbalism very interesting and would like to study full time to become an herbalist.

I believe totally in this way of living and this course has helped me understand more about it”

Tanya (QLD)

“Dear Hilde,

I really enjoyed doing the course on herbal medicine and looked forward to each lesson. I have found it to be an excellent introduction to the subject and the knowledge acquired could be applied with some confidence, towards advising friends and family of their health.”


“I have enjoyed the course immensely — herbs have always been one of the wonders of nature to me. They are truly blessed plants and deserve love and respect and great delight that they are there.”

Margaret (QLD)

“Dear Hilde,

It is a pleasure to do this course. It is just what I’ve been looking for and needing for years. I am approaching this with the faith and trust that God’s remedies really work.

My family and I are intending to create a useful herb garden for our own use.”


“Hallo Hilde,

Thank you for such a brilliant course, I thoroughly enjoyed it once I got into it. I realised it was not hard, I learned a lot about my health issues, I felt it was written just for me. Best regards to you all at Herbal Medicine School.”


“Thank you for the most interesting course. I did an herbal course and a naturopathy course years ago but felt I needed a refresher on herbs. I grow some of my own and would like to make use of them instead of just seeing how beautiful they are.

I have learnt a lot more now than I did in those other courses, so thrilled.”

Judy (WA)

“Dear Hilde,

It has been a pleasure to learn a bit more about the human body and its problems and how to alleviate its pains and sickness.

We are pensioners and may be leaving in a short time back to our country Uruguay, in South America. Most of these herbs are not known there and we would like to take with us some of the rare ones like Epilobium, St John’s wort, Hawthorn and Ginkgo biloba.”

Blas (NSW)

“Dear Hilde,

I’d like to say thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to do your course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be putting my herbal knowledge to good use. Once again thank you very much.”


“Dear Hilde,

I would love to say I have enjoyed the course, thank you very much and I hope one day I will meet you in person. Once again thank you heaps!”

Dawn (WA)

“Thank you for the wonderful course — I am enjoying it very much and using the knowledge on family and friends.”

Angela (QLD)

“Dear Hilde,

Thank you for the Certificate of Fundamental Herbology — I enjoyed the course and thank you for each lesson. It is always nice to meet people personally, but the availability of the course at least ensures that distance and absence are no barrier to the gaining of knowledge.”

Dorothy (VIC)

“Dear Hilde,

Thank you for the certificate in Fundamental Herbology — the course was informative and enjoyable.

My reasons for taking the course were because of my longstanding interest in herbs and my desire to know more to be of help to my family and myself.”

Thelma (QLD)

“Dear Hilde,

Thank you for welcoming me to your herbal fraternity when you posted the certificate in Fundamental Herbology.

My interest has increased in seeing types of herbs I am growing in my garden and their usefulness.

The course has been most interesting and it is good to know it is just step one to ongoing training. I will recommend the training to my friends — thank you indeed.”

Mary (VIC)

“Dear Hilde,

I have gained a lot from completing your course in Fundamental Herbology and I shall continue to find out more about the benefits of herbs.”

Georgie (VIC)

“Dear Ms Hemmes,

Wow! Thank you!

What an interesting, fascinating and stimulating learning course and introduction to the wonderful natural healing power of herbs. Thanks for all that you are teaching me about natural healing.

With much gratitude,”

Sue (NSW)