Herbal Medicine Training – 3 Lesson Package

Gain herbal medicine training with our online course and lessons.

Lesson Packages – 3 Lessons at a time

Only available in the following package order:

  • Lessons 1-3
  • Lessons 4-6
  • Lessons 7-9
  • Lessons 10-12

You will receive:

  • Study material for three lessons.
  • Questions relating to the above.

You will have to:

  • Study lessons.
  • Complete the online questionnaires.
  • Pay for the next three lessons.

On successful completion of all lessons, you will receive an envelope containing:

  • Your certificate of Fundamental Herbology.
  • A letter with comments regarding your answers.
  • A booklet with over 100 herbal recipes for most health problems.
  • Information regarding further studies if you wish to become a qualified practitioner.

Price: AUD $150.00


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