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Australian Herbal Medicine Lessons from ASOHM

Lesson 1 — Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine and Herbal Healing

Topics Covered:

  • Learn about herbal medicine and herbal healing.
  • Identification, growing and collection of herbs.
  • Drying and manufacture of herbal products.
  • A brief review of herbal medicine and medical herbalism through the ages.
  • Herbal contribution to the development of modern ages.
  • Current importance of herbs to much of the world’s population.
  • An examination of present scientific investigation of herbal medicines.
  • The difference between pharmaceutical drugs and herbs.
  • The difference between homeopathic medicines and herbs.
  • A brief summary of the basic herbology course and its aims.
  • The use of herbs by the lay person.
  • Cautions on the collection of plants.
  • The treatment of physical complaints which require professional advice.

It is estimated that more than 80% of the population in the world’s developing nations rely almost exclusively upon herbs for their wellbeing. Learn about the fundamentals herbal medicine and herbal healing, including the identification, growing, collection and drying of herbs.

Please Note: As well as the relevant study material, Lesson 1 provides an introduction to the entire course through a ‘Preface’, a detailed explanation of ‘Herbal Preparations and Applications’ and ‘A Glossary of Therapeutic Terms’, which students need to be familiar with for ALL the lessons.

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