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Learn About Herbal Medicine

Australian Herbal Medicine Lessons from ASOHM

Lesson 1 — Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine and  Herbal Healing

Topics Covered:

  • Learn about herbal medicine and herbal healing.
  • Identification, growing and collection of herbs.
  • Drying and manufacture of herbal products.
  • A brief review of herbal medicine and medical herbalism through the ages.
  • Herbal contribution to the development of modern ages.
  • Current importance of herbs to much of the world’s population.
  • An examination of present scientific investigation of herbal medicines.
  • The difference between pharmaceutical drugs and herbs.
  • The difference between homeopathic medicines and herbs.
  • A brief summary of the basic herbology course and its aims.
  • The use of herbs by the lay person.
  • Cautions on the collection of plants.
  • The treatment of physical complaints which require professional advice.