How Do I Detox My Body?

If you are detoxifying for the first time, you may want to start with a 6-day program, however many people find 10 or even 21 days an enjoyable challenge! Just follow my simple instructions below, based on detox treatments practised in Europe at exclusive retreats and health spas.





It’s important to remember that juice fasting replaces all the food you would normally eat.





The Day Before You Start:





The day before you begin your fast, you should eat small meals consisting of raw or lightly cooked fruits and vegetables. Eat a piece of fruit for breakfast such as an apple or pear, then a salad and raw or lightly steamed vegetables for lunch and dinner.





Every Day During the Fast:





How to detox your body





1. Slowly sip 500mL of organic juice – I use and recommend Biotta Organic Juices. You will need one bottle per day, for the duration of your fast. These juices are manufactured in Switzerland from organically grown fruit and vegetables, according to a specific formula designed to assist the detox process. The certified organic produce is collected and pressed, and the raw juice is bottled using a patented process, with no need for chemical preservatives. Biotta’s untainted, natural, organic juices provide quickly absorbed vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements, essential to your health.





2. Drink 3-4 cups of herbal tea ­– my Kidney-Bladder-Mix teabags or Green Tea are ideal. 





3. Take two St Mary’s Thistle 10,000 mg capsules.





4. Water is essential, so drink at least 2 litres of purified spring water every day during your fast.





5. If hungry, drink up to 3 cups of a light soup, such as my Organic Vegetable Broth.





6. If your body needs help with the elimination process, my Laxative teabags can be taken at night time, as required.





PLEASE NOTE: You may experience a coated tongue, unpleasant taste/breath, mild headache, nausea and/or body odour ­– these are merely signs that the detoxification process is working!





After the Fast:





The same length of time should be given to the “withdrawal phase” as was spent detoxifying. The first two days, eat small amounts of raw or lightly steamed vegetables frequently, but from the third day you may add some organic fruit, protein and light carbohydrates. Do not gorge and/or eat highly refined or spiced foods, and continue to drink at least two litres of water a day and maintain a healthy diet, by avoiding all food additives and highly processed, junk foods.





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