Switching From Coffee To Herbal Teas

Many people report not being able to function in the morning until they’ve had that first cup of coffee. The caffeine found in coffee can increase physical and mental alertness and for this reason many find themselves  becoming dependent on coffee just to get through the day. Fortunately, there are healthier alternatives to coffee in the form of herbal teas that can increase alertness whilst also doing a world of good for your health and well-being.

Negative Effects of Coffee

While the caffeine in coffee can wake you up during the day, it can also cause the sleep disorder insomnia and regular users can find it difficult to get to sleep. It has also been known to cause anxiety amongst some users which can have flow-on effects to your overall mental health. Dependence on coffee can make it difficult for many to function without it and there can also be withdrawal symptoms if regular drinkers don’t get their daily coffee such as fatigue, headache and irritability.

Green Tea as an Alternative

Green tea has grown in popularity over the years and is an excellent substitute for your daily coffee intake. It has the benefit of having caffeine in it, so you’ll still get your caffeine hit, but it will actually work to prevent anxiety, promote a healthy immune system to fight off bugs, and can even help with promoting healthy weight loss.

Other Herbal Tea Alternatives

There is an herbal tea to aid with almost every medical ailment, so switching to an herbal tea can help fight these problems. If recurring insomnia is an issue then camomile tea is a great alternative to coffee as it will allow you to have a good night’s sleep rather than the reactive measure of using coffee to counteract a poor sleep. Peppermint tea is great for alleviating and stopping the progression of cold and flu whereas fennel tea can aid in fighting bloating and gas.

There are many benefits that come from switching from coffee to herbal teas. In fact, it is highly recommended for your overall health and well-being. Herbal teas’ ability to aid with many medical ailments makes it an exceptionally beneficial addition to your daily routine.

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