Spreading The Herbal Word

Herbology is an area steeped in tradition and folklore from a bygone era, which has been brought into the forefront of modern thinking, through scientific studies and well-documented evidence. In our busy, polluted, synthetic world with rampant allergies and increasing levels of intolerance to common items, more and more people are discovering the answer to their health problems in the ancient world of herbs.

I turned to herbs many years ago when conventional medicine failed to heal some of my friends’ ailments and often exacerbated the symptoms they were trying to treat. When I realised how quickly and permanently many of them responded to herbal cures, I decided to devote my life to the pursuit of this powerful subject and to share my knowledge with like-minded people.

Through the painstaking study of ancient German manuscripts, in their original language, and years of extensive research, it became my ambition to establish a school that would make it easier for people to learn about herbs. Now, as patron of the Australian School of Herbal Medicine I have that opportunity.

In these days of electronic communication, there is no easier way to “spread the word”, so I helped structure an online correspondence course, to allow access to anyone eager to learn more about the wonderful world of herbs. By committing to my course in Fundamental Herbology, you will gain a better understanding of the healing power of herbs and the place they should have in your everyday life. It explains the basics of herbal medicine, including the identification, growing, collection and drying of herbs, as well as the manufacture of various herbal products.

An important aspect of the course is examining the use of herbs by the lay person, warnings of unsafe herbs and cautions on the treatment of medical complaints which require professional advice. Another major component of the course is concerned with the human condition, its common complaints and which herbs would be most beneficial. A brief review of herbal medicine through the ages chronicles its contribution to the development of modern drugs and its current importance to the world’s population.

After successfully completing all 12 lessons of this comprehensive course, students receive a certificate and the confidence to take control of their own health, in a non-invasive, natural way, as well as the health and wellbeing of those around them.

Study Herbology through enrolling in our Online Herbal Medicine Course today!

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