Is Your Body A Toxic Cocktail? Read More …

Much has changed since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Today, we are faced with a raft of serious diseases that barely existed 100 years ago, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

This is hardly surprising when you consider that we are exposed to around 50,000 chemical compounds that are used in manufacturing, food production and pharmaceuticals. Medical science is discovering that the accumulation of these toxins can lead to an immune system overload which results in fatigue, premature ageing, degenerative conditions of the heart, kidneys and colon as well as many common symptoms such as indigestion, headaches, irritability, dizziness, arthritis and insomnia.

Ask yourself “Is your body a ‘toxic cocktail’?” 
  • Do you often eat junk food?
  • Are you drinking too much alcohol?
  • Do you regularly consume drinks containing caffeine?
  • Are you often exposed to toxic chemicals?
  • Do you use or have you used recreational drugs?
  • Do you smoke or are you a victim of passive smoking?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should seriously consider a detox program.

Our body is a living system that is constantly cleaning itself out

but if it becomes overloaded with impurities, it will eventually shut down. Fasting is a powerful tool for eliminating these harmful toxins from our bodies.

The Swedish Nobelist, Ragnar Berg, who is considered to be the leading biochemist and foremost authority on nutrition states: “During a fast, the body burns up and excretes huge amounts of accumulated wastes. We can help this process by drinking alkaline juice instead of water. Juice fasting is therefore the best form of fasting.”

The juice from organic fruit and vegetables are filled with healing, cleansing properties

that allow the body to gently and safely detoxify. They are rich in mineral salts that are necessary to neutralise the negative pathogenic substances that flood the circulation system, and they provide the body with a dramatic increase in vitamins, minerals, living enzymes and antioxidants.

For a little variety, you can even include a range of herbal teas and vegetable broth*, and if your goal is to remedy a specific disease or condition, supplements can also be taken as required.

By the end of the fast, your body is toxin free

your blood is revitalised, the acid-alkaline balance in your system is restored, and you feel GREAT!

The most obvious sensation is a feeling of being energised and alive – that ‘fuzzy brain’ feeling is gone, your mind is alert, and there is an overwhelming sense of well-being.

So, if you want to look younger, live longer, and get physically and mentally in tune, get started on a Juice Fast today – life’s too short to wait!

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