Horsetail – One Swish And Your Troubles Are Gone!

Horsetail is native to Europe and its use dates back to Roman timesthe bruised plant was applied to bleeding and the young shoots were added to salads for their tonic effect. During the medieval period it was regarded as a valuable wound-healing herb, being very powerful at stopping bleeding, either inward or outward. 

Rich in minerals, Horsetail is recommended:

  • in anaemia and general poor health 
  • as an excellent astringent for the genital and urinary systems
  • in the treatment of fluid retention 
  • for cystitis, incontinence and bed-wetting in children 
  • for haemorrhoids and internal bleeding 

As a natural source of silica, it encourages the absorption and use of calcium in the body for:

  • help with white spotting on fingernails 
  • the repair of broken fingernails and lifeless hair 
  • preventing fatty deposits from forming in the arteries

Externally, Horsetail poultices aid the healing of wounds, ulcers and skin eruptions; and, as Austrian herbalist Maria Treben says in her book Health Through God’s Pharmacy, “For painful bladder catarrh and cramp-like pains, there is no better remedy than a decoction of Horsetail, if one wraps oneself in a bath robe and allows the hot steam to penetrate into the bladder for 10 minutes. Old people who suddenly have trouble urinating together with pain will find relief through the hot steam. For gravel and stones in the kidney and bladder, hot sitz baths are taken and at the same time Horsetail is sipped. It is an excellent remedy, internally and externally, for the whole kidney and bladder system.”

For cystitis, high acidity urine and bladder disorders, a tea made of equal parts of the following herbs is recommended: 

  • Horsetail 
  • Epilobium 
  • Indian corn 

Directions: Place the above herbs in an airtight container, mix well and store the mixture in a dark place. Infuse one heaped tsp of mixed herbs with one cup of boiling water for approximately three to five minutes and strain. Drink 3 cups a day, the first on an empty stomach.

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