Prostate Enlargement – A Proven Herbal Remedy

Epilobium parviflorum

I have a love of researching and discovering.

My library is crammed with books on herbs as I buy virtually every publication on the subject. Whenever I return to Germany I search for herbal books and manuscripts which have been locked away in libraries and that is where I first discovered Epilobium for prostate problems.

Being able to read books in their original language has been an enormous advantage for me. Searching through herbal books for cures long forgotten by most people adds to the excitement of re-discovering what our ancestors took for granted.

I firmly believe there is an herbal cure for every human ailment!

I may not find them all in my lifetime, but I will never stop looking, because it is just so much fun.

The finest books in the world have laid unread for centuries, which makes me wonder how effective some of the hidden herbal cures are if used in place of modern medicine?

It has been through my love of discovery and my capacity to research the subject of herbology that has helped me to find many cures for modern problems. It gives me even more pleasure to pass on successful results to others.

It is almost thirty years since I discovered Epilobium

This humble herb, effective for all kinds of prostate disorders, was last mentioned in an old German pharmacopoeia about 120 years ago. It seems modern medicine had either chosen to ignore it or felt it had a better solution.

Enlargement of the prostate is one of the most common disorders occurring in men over 50. The prostate can make its existence known in many painful, irritating and sometimes embarrassing ways. The cause of its enlargement is not fully understood. As the gland increases in size, it presses on the neck of the bladder.

Urination becomes increasingly difficult and the bladder never feels completely emptied. Other symptoms are low back pain, blood or seminal fluid in the urine, constipation and impotence. If left untreated, continued enlargement of the prostate eventually obstructs the bladder completely and emergency measures become necessary.

If the condition is neglected, acute urine retention may occur, in which the man cannot empty his bladder at all. Sooner or later prostatitis develops; some urine may be forced back to the kidneys with the subsequent risk of kidney infection. Old age is particularly subject to cancer of the prostate. Once enlargement has started, surgical removal of all or part of the prostate is advised by the doctor. In Australia alone about 25,000 men undergo prostate surgery every year making it one of the cost common surgical procedures in older men.

Through my publications I have been able to reach many desperate prostate sufferers. It has been a special privilege and I have had much joy in helping so many and I am so glad that I discovered an herb responsible for so many cures. Hundreds from all over Australia have contacted me expressing joy at Epilobium’s wonderful healing properties. Letters and accounts of cures reach me almost daily. Many men have used Epilobium tea or in the form of capsulesĀ (also known as ProstaLobiumĀ©) as a preventative and most have passed on the reasons for their successful results to other prostate sufferers.

Finding Epilobium hasn’t been an easy task for me

as there are several species belonging to this plant family of Onagracea and most do not contain medicinal properties. As epilobium is hardly listed in books, not many know about it, and because of its scarcity, Epilobium is often mistaken by herbalists, the correct of all species is Epilobium parviflorum.

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